Scanned Copy of Agreement

A scanned copy of an agreement is a digital reproduction of a physical document that has been scanned and saved as an electronic file. This type of document is often used in legal, business, and administrative settings, where it’s important to keep a record of the original document.

When it comes to SEO, scanned copies of agreements can pose unique challenges. Since search engines can’t “read” the text on a scanned copy, they rely on other factors to determine the relevance of the content. Here are some tips to help ensure that your scanned copy of an agreement is SEO-friendly:

1. Use an appropriate file format: When you scan a document, you’ll typically save it as a PDF file. This is a good choice because PDFs are searchable and can be optimized for SEO. However, if you need to include images or graphics in your agreement, you may need to use a different file format, such as a JPEG or PNG.

2. Add ALT text to images: If your scanned agreement includes images, be sure to add ALT text to them. This is a brief description of what the image shows, and it’s used by search engines to understand what the content is about.

3. Include a transcript: If possible, provide a text transcript of your scanned agreement. This can be included on the same page as the scanned copy, or linked to from the page. A transcript will make your content more accessible to search engines and users who may have difficulty reading the scanned document.

4. Use descriptive filenames: When you save your scanned agreement, give it a descriptive filename that includes relevant keywords. This will help search engines understand what the content is about and improve its chances of ranking for relevant search queries.

5. Optimize page titles and descriptions: When you publish your scanned agreement online, be sure to optimize the page title and description. Use relevant keywords and provide a brief summary of what the content is about to encourage users to click through to your page.

In conclusion, scanned copies of agreements can be an effective way to store and share important documents. By following the tips outlined above, you can ensure that your scanned copy is SEO-friendly and more likely to rank well in search engine results pages.

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